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Want to work as a bus or coach driver?

NSW Bus Driver Authority (BDA)

Authority Information

In New South Wales, if you intend to drive a public passenger vehicle including, but not limited to Route Bus, Coach, Mini Bus, and Shuttle Service legislation requires you to have a NSW Bus Driver Authority.


All participants must:

  • Be at least 20 years of age.
  • Hold an unrestricted/unconditional driver licence issued in New South Wales, and have held an unrestricted Australian driver licence issues in any Australian state or teritory for a total of a least 12 months of the previous 2 years.
  • Be an Australian or New Zealand Citezen, permantant resident or hold a visa allowing you to work in Australia.
  • Be medically fit (see details of medical assessment requirements in the information package).

Course Duration

Approximately 4 hours

Course Content

  • Workplace Legislation and Procedures Standard
  • Work Health and Safety Procedures Standard
  • Fatigue Management Standard
  • Breakdown or Emergency Standard
  • Workplace Communication Standard
  • Dealing with Passengers Standard

Course Assessment

The assessment includes two Sections:

Section A requires that the student correctly complete 102 ‘open book’ questions.
Section B requires that the student demonstrate that they:

  • Have a positive attitude to accepting the responsibilities associated with the concept of ‘Duty of Care’
  • Have the ability to clearly communicate in English during emergency ‘situations’
  • Have the aptitude to deal with different customers fairly and equitably
  • Have a professional approach to learning the requirements of the Bus Driver Authority Training
  • Assessment can be conducted “one-on-one” or in small groups.


Training conducted at our Horsley Park premises.

Course fee

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