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Need a MC license?

The MC license is the highest form of license that you can get on the road. Drivers qualified with the MC license are highly sought after in the transport and logistics industry. As a result, drivers holding the MC license are generally paid at a higher rate.

January 10, 2017

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NSW Bus Driver Authority

Bus Diver Authority License in NSW

Ever wanted to drive a bus? With our help, we can upskill your existing driver’s license to be eligible to drive buses or other public passenger vehicles. Due to massive demand, Jag’s Truck Training trains you to get Bus Driver Authority license

A Bus Driver Authority is valid for a period of three years.


  • You must be at least twenty years of age.
  • You hold a driver’s license.
  • You have held an Australian driver’s license for a total of twelve months in the two years preceding the date of application.
  • You have passed the authorised medical assessment.
  • You are lawfully fit to work in Australia.
  • You are of good repute, and in all other respects fit and proper to be the driver of the vehicle concerned, and have sufficient responsibility.

  Course Content  

  • Legislation and Driver Authority
  • Customer Service
  • Vehicle Operations
  • Breakdowns and Emergencies
  • Driver Welfare and Safety

Once you complete the half-day classroom course, fulfill all prerequisite conditions, you’re eligible to attend a written assessment. Upon successful completion, we assign you the appropriate documents.

Along with the completed Driver Authority Application form, you must provide –

  • Medical assessment form
  • Proficiency Certificate
  • Two recent photographs that meet the Ministry’s specifications
  • Proof of identity

After you successful completion of the course, we help you lodge your application along with the above documents to the NSW Department of Transport and Infrastructure. You receive your Bus Driver Authority.

  We look forward to helping you obtain your Bus Driver Authority in NSW. Give us a call and we’ll help you get there!   

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