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Bus Diver Authority License in NSW

Ever wanted to drive a bus? With our help, we can upskill your existing driver’s license to be eligible to drive buses or other public passenger vehicles. Due to massive demand, Jag’s Truck Training trains you to get Bus Driver Authority license A Bus Driver Authority is valid for a period of three years.

January 14, 2017

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Heavy Vehicle Driver Verification of Competency

 Service Information 

  • Supports ongoing compliance with Work, Health and Safety legislation;
  • Provides operators (companies) a driver’s competency status;
  • Can be used as a mechanism for pre-employment screening;
  • Can be used by licensed drivers seeking to validate their skills and knowledge prior to starting a new job role;
  • Vehicle supplied, or clients own used in assessments;
  • Current National Licensing assessment tools are used, or assessment tools can be contextualised to suit operators’ individual needs;
  • Assessments conducted by licensed, qualified, and experienced assessors;
  • ‘Assessment only’ or interactive ‘Refresh and Assess’ approaches to VOC offered;
  • Driver assessments available for licence classes Light Rigid (LR), Medium Rigid (MR), Heavy Rigid (HR), and Heavy Combination (HC);
  • A statement and report, indicating the assessment outcome is provided to the employer on completion.


Candidate must hold the licence relative to the assessment they are undertaking.

 Assessment Duration 

Minimum of 2 hours per candidate (subject to contextualisation requirements)

 Assessment Content 

Assessment can include any number of the following criteria:

  • Pre-operational Check;
  • Cabin Drill;
  • Start, move off, shut down and secure;
  • Manages Steering;
  • Manages Gears;
  • Manages Brakes;
  • Manages Accelerator;
  • Create & Maintain Crash Avoidance Space;
  • Protect Crash Avoidance Space;
  • Road Rules and Directions;
  • Reverse;
  • Hill Stop/Start;
  • Load Securing.


Horsley Park for assessments conducted in our vehicles, or Sydney-wide for assessments in clients’ vehicles.


Contact us on 0412 128 443 or info@jagstrucktraining.com.au anytime to discuss your needs, and for our current fee schedule.

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